Puerto Rico school feedback? - page 134

Anyone out there have info on the school in Arecibo, PR? It is a 24 month program that begins in August. I'd love to hear anything, thanks. zzzzzgirl... Read More

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    @ laleoganaise jet blue is cheaper for me, but thank you. When you are going again?
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    Hahahaha oh em gee I haven't been on here in a minute but happy to see more newbies coming in aug this should be funnnn And way to go yogiii la inter all the way . I'm gonna miss u and jebby when u guys grad this month we gotta do a beach BBQ before u guys leave me with the newbiessss
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    Lol oh people are funny anywho future students make your own choice because either way not everyone knows these schools in the states. As long as you get your BSN degree and pass your nclex it doesnt matter which school you go to. Don't let what people write here influence you. We all have different experiences on the island and with the schools. So come and visit the school and don't pay attention to the he said she said bs people like to talk. Good luck to all the new comers !!!!! B
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    @keke I'll be there may 13-18. We'll have to exchange information...unfortunately I can't PM anyone yet since I haven't reached 15 comments yet. But you can PM me yours so we can stay in contact in PR. I'm so excited.
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    @Karla: I'm from New Jersey with a BA in French. I got accepted at UMET but haven't decided if I'll go there or not. Will be visiting LaInter this month and then will decide which school is best suited for me. If I do decide to attend UMET, I'll be sure to reach out.
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    sorry, closing thread - getting too long

    NOTE: Start new topics ... if we have enough threads on Puerto Rico we will create a Puerto Rico forum
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