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Anyone out there have info on the school in Arecibo, PR? It is a 24 month program that begins in August. I'd love to hear anything, thanks. zzzzzgirl... Read More

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    I know I'm not Liz, but UMET is Universidad Metropolitana Sistema Universitario Ana G. Mendez Its in Bayamon, PR and they have another English trimester program. One of the directors from La Inter began the program there. The only con about the program that I've heard so far is that because of the amount of students and faculty members they have, some of the classes get cancelled--but other than that they have 8 week semesters (bi-semesters) if I'm not mistaken. If you don't have a degree already, it will probably take you 2 1/2 or 3 years there but if you do have a degree and some of the classes you can finish within 2 years. (This is all based upon what I've heard by the way) They have a youtube channel as well: CanalUMET - YouTube
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    Umet has a bilingual nursing program. I'm about to complete my first year here.
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    Quote from FutureNurseLiz
    My trip was great. I fell in love with the city! Both me and my friend ( moving with me as well) went to both campus. Unfortunately, we got more help at Umet and was able to sit down with the director, get our transcripts evaluated, admitted, signed up for classes, and get a tour of the facility. Umet nursing building and classes are well equipped with the necessary simulators and tools to succeed. Right now I am torn between the two, because both has its pros and cons. I will be heading back there the second or third week of May. This time geared towards La inter.
    I'm glad your experience was good!!! I figured UMET would be a little helpful. I applied there last year and have gotten like 5 letters from them so far. I applied to La Inter around the same time and have yet to see anything in the mail...lol. Its okay though I'll be there soon to get all of that stuff done. I'll PM you closer to the date to see if you all will be there around the same time later on.
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    I was there last fall and saved a lot more renting a car and a studio. I am planning to visit again but don't have a date yet. I will also be in a nursing program in August but haven't decided which school yet. I was accepted at UMET but feel compel to apply to LaInter as well judging from the amount of positive feedback on this site...Maybe i'll end up at LaInter after all. Good luck with your search!

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    YAY TMP25!!! You got your ticket! Woot Woot! Let me know when you will be down here! The worst times to drive in the area is like 2-5 or 6. Pretty much normal traffic hours.My first few days here I had a rental and was walking distance from the beach (in San Juan) and it took about 15 min or so to get to UMET. Which is farther than Inter.

    keke, will definitely let you know about any available places nearby.

    Liz, will you be coming in with a prior degree?
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    Thanks for that info Laleoganaise!! I was looking on homeaway.com initially, but thanks for the new website!! But yea we are planning on renting a car too. I'm just happy to hear that the school is only 15 minutes away from the beach though! Well if you decide to go to La Inter, keep in touch!!

    And yes hihopes22, we got our tickets we just need to find a place to stay now--lol. I will text you when we find a place also I have to ask you another question. lol
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    Tmp25, liz or not am just glad someone answered. Lol. I also called the school today and was shocked that someone answered the phone in record time. even more shocked that they spoke english. But I have to call back tomorrow cause the director wasn't there and the receptionist tried but wasn't clear enough.
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    Jen_jen88 if you don't mind me asking but do you perfer it over inter or how did you make your decision?
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    Okay Tmp25! Sorry I couldn't help with a place. I couch surfed when I came. But I am sure you will find a good place. Check out gustazos.com it's like a groupon. They usually have a lot of hotel deals on there.
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    No problem tmp25! Were you able to see the link because it was deleted. If not it's called airbnb. It has a wide range of places to choose from. I'm trying to visit the school in May as well. Will definitely keep in touch.

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