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Anyone out there have info on the school in Arecibo, PR? It is a 24 month program that begins in August. I'd love to hear anything, thanks. zzzzzgirl... Read More

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    Hello everyone!

    I purchased my plane ticket for PR a couple weeks ago. I'll be there the beginning of May. I've been looking at hotels on the beach and wondered which area is the best area thats not too too far from the school itself. I've map quested the school from the hotels and it tells me 10-15 minutes on a lot of them, but I know thats not an accurate time frame because its not including traffic and such. I know some of the students from La Inter live on the beach so could you all suggest an area? Thank you in advance!!!

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    Hey tmp25,I was just over there ( San Juan) a couple of days ago. I stayed at the La Conche Ressiance Hotel. It's a nice four star hotel located on the beach and right in the middle of San Juan, and I loved the hotel and service. The drive to Umet and La Inter really did only take 15 mins if not less! The prices start at 250 and up a night, but I got a good deal on it and got it for 106 a night! Now if your gonna be there for quite some time I would suggest you look into something cheaper unless are attending with a guest to split the bill!
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    I know I'm not currently living there, but thought I would just let you know where I stayed during my trip.
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    Hey, I live an island away and wanted to reapply and look for housing. Last time I stayed there I stayed at la cora hotel but that was a two years ago. Plus there was an awesome taxi driver who is pretty good and reasonable. Email me and maybe we can meet up I just dont wanna go alone :'(
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    I so agree. I've been pondering on it so much but am going end of discussion lol.so if anyone is planning on going in August please let me know I don't wanna be lost alone. Also for those who are leaving or know someone who is about to leave can you guys leave a numbe. Last time it was hard finding available houses near by.
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    I live on an island near by and that is pretty good rent rates.I wished I found this site when I first wanted to start going to the school. Ugh
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    Thank you so much for the info Liz, that helps me out a lot!! My parents are coming with me, but we are going to be there for almost a week so we've been looking at condos and stuff and pricing them out. My main thing was making sure we weren't staying 30-45 minutes away from the school because its going to be our first time on the island. I will now look around for places in the La Conche hotel area. How did your trip go by the way? Have you decided on which school you want to attend?

    Keke, I plan on attending La Inter in August as well. When I visit in May, me and hihopes22 will be looking for apartments near the school. If we find anything and/or hear about a place thats reasonable in price, I will let you know.
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    Thanks a million. I also might be going end of april or late may depends on when I could get time off
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    My trip was great. I fell in love with the city! Both me and my friend ( moving with me as well) went to both campus. Unfortunately, we got more help at Umet and was able to sit down with the director, get our transcripts evaluated, admitted, signed up for classes, and get a tour of the facility. Umet nursing building and classes are well equipped with the necessary simulators and tools to succeed. Right now I am torn between the two, because both has its pros and cons. I will be heading back there the second or third week of May. This time geared towards La inter.
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    Hey liz, am new and curious what's UMET? Is that another accelerate school?

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