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Hello to all, I came with the thread of Inter American University of Puerto Rico, that offers ADN and BSN progras in trimester curriculum. I am really desperate and I am doing all the research to... Read More

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    Ok cool thanks. Where do most student live? Also do you know any students planning on becoming RNs in California? I want to be sure I can come back and work in CA. Also is it pretty easy to get a car there or should I ship mine? Finally do you know anyone who moved with a dog?

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    Most students live in la Cumbre area is a complex like 10 mins away walk to school. Cars have a higher value here compare to the states, though you can buy a car good enough to drive you around for about 3k or so.
    I am from California and will be applying for my license there. At this point there is about 15 people who are from California doing the program here.
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    Awesome thank you so much quik248. I definitely am hard core considering this program. Not sure if I can swing it by august but going to try. Are most people on loans or can you work there too? I know fafsa was already due so prob to late for loans
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    Your welcome. You can still apply for fasfa. Remember that the due date of March 2 is for California state only just to see if you qualify for any Calgrants. You can work here for sure but bilingual students obviously get jobs easier.
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    Another question is there more than one campus that offers nursing from inter metro?
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    The inter metro campus is the only one that has the English program and yes other campuses do offer the nursing program, but in Spanish and in a semester system.

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