Treating fever with acetaminophen - page 3

I believe that a little fever is a good thing. My understanding is that it's our bodies' response in an effort to actually kill the offending organism. When patients have a fever, I'm cautious to... Read More

  1. by   salvadordolly
    It really depeends on your patients condition. When I was in oncology/HIV, we medicated at 99.5. These patients, like many ICU patients, can't tolerate the metabolic demands that come with fever.
  2. by   jadelpn
    And Tylenol is a medication, therefore, needs an order--standing protocol or individual MD order.
  3. by   MunoRN
    Quote from jadelpn
    If there are clear parameters, and/or MD orders, doesn't matter what your thought on the physiology is. You need to follow the order and treat.
    If the PATIENT'S thought process is that they do not want to treat a low grade fever, they can certainly decline to take the med, however, you need to follow the parameters of the order.
    I hope I read that wrong, but a Nurse should never, ever, give a medication just because they have an order to do so. If a Nurse doesn't understand the purpose of a med then they need to clarify that, if they don't agree with the necessity of a med then they need to pursue that. This is an important part of the checks and balance system that protects the patient and provides good care through a double-approval system. If a Nurse's only role was to give a medication because it says to do so (a single approval system), we could get someone off the street and train them in less than a day to that, but a Nurse's responsibility is much more complex.