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So today I cared for a gentleman who became febrile at 38.7. I called the doc and pan cultured him as ordered, including a UA. The patient was not on antibiotics and was admitted for a lung AVM. The UA came back positive for Many... Read More

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    I think she meant you would call the doctor, tell him about the fever, but suggesting a medication or diagnostic test ot treatment or whatever was being presumptuous.

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    Really? Wow. Why is it being presumptuous to know that a patient with a UTI needs antibiotics?

    Suggesting a specific antibiotic might be sort of presumptuous, but....
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    Sometimes how you phrase your "recommendation" depends on the particular doctor. Some docs are very open to our suggestions and others wouldn't give you what you asked for if the world was coming to an end.
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    Chart the initial call, the response (new order received and noted), chart the 2nd call for the positive UA and the response for that (No new orders). CYA.
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