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So today I cared for a gentleman who became febrile at 38.7. I called the doc and pan cultured him as ordered, including a UA. The patient was not on antibiotics and was admitted for a lung AVM. The... Read More

  1. by   maelstrom143
    Chart the initial call, the response (new order received and noted), chart the 2nd call for the positive UA and the response for that (No new orders). CYA.
  2. by   KC1000
    Quote from Anna Flaxis
    Really? Wow. Why is it being presumptuous to know that a patient with a UTI needs antibiotics?

    Suggesting a specific antibiotic might be sort of presumptuous, but....
    I agree in this case since the patient was symptomatic with a positive urine analysis that we should give antibiotics. However, keep in mind that because someone has a UTI does NOT mean that they need to be treated with antibiotics. This is only true for pregnant women, infants, kidney transplant patients (data not entirely clear about this) and patients about to undergo urogenital surgery. But please do not propagate the idea that because someone tests positive for a UTI, which is very common, that they need to be treated. Also, it is super important not to treat someone based on the smell of the urine, which is commonly done with the elderly. Someone will see or smell their urine and assume they have a problem and need to be treated.
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    #1 asparagus, #2 garlic #3 broccoli major offenders of funny urine smells.