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.. we had a nurse at the hospital where i work have a pt who had diluaded 1mg scheduled every 6 hours.. well instead of wasting the dose of diluaded , she put in her pocket and saved it for the next... Read More

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    PSU_13. Of cours, you are right about a hospital needing to have somthing in place but witnessed wasting doesn't address the problem. Education, education, education. That slow and expensive stuff. Nurses have little or no didactics in addictions and yet, at least half of the patients in the hospitals are there because of excessive eating, eating crap, cigarettes, lack of exercise, prescription meds get the picture. Yet staff addicts usually don't get detected until very late in the disease when they're really unable to think anymore and do something radically stupid, unless they're in anesthesia where death is sometimes the first presentation of a problem. Unused drugs should be returned to the pharmacy where they could be randomly tested
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    Quote from stargazer88
    Where I've worked, we have saved narcs to use for the next dose, as long as it's the same nurse giving it. We label and date the vial and put it in the med cart in a lock box. We waste what's left at end of shift. We do always waste with 2 nurses. I know of some nurses who do keep it in their pocket if they are giving it frequently. Nobody I know has ever been written up for it. The narc isn't wasted every time because it's expensive. The facility trusts the nurses unless there is cause not to. It's nice to be trusted, but I think that is not the norm in this day and age.

    We always saved it labeled in a lock box of the medcart and anything that wasn't used was wasted with 1 nurse witness. We used to put them in our pockets but they frowned upon that later on when they were having so much problem with narcs being taken by nurses and patients getting saline instead of pain meds.