Med Dose Calc - Is It Possible Some Just Don't Get "It"? - page 2

Ran into an aquaintance hadn't seen in awhile and we began to shoot the breeze. Last time we spoke she had finally got into a nursing program here in the City but was struggling with Med Dose... Read More

  1. by   DoGoodThenGo
    Thanks for the information guys, this has been interesting.

    Sadly once one is bounced out of a program around here it is *very* difficult to get into another. If the original school won't take you back the options range from limited to nil.
  2. by   canned_bread
    The whole way through nursing school I was HORRIBLE with calculations, but once I actually put it in to practice and had experience, and sat down and imagined the medication, or the IV drips, and what I was after I could work it out. These days its rare that I get something that stumps me, and I use a calculator if I'm not sure. Also IV pumps these days tell you how long remaining etc, so that helps avoid errors.
    When I was studying I used Google to search for various websites that could help me by giving me test questions and answers so I practised that way too.
  3. by   Aeterna
    It's possible, trust me. My sister was academically strong but struggled with some aspects of math, though not all, so her math grades were never consistent. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, so perhaps this is your friend's weakness. Is it possible to overcome? Probably, but it just takes extra work.

    As others have already said, math is one of those subjects where there are multiple ways of doing something. I always seemed to do math in weird ways. I once had a clinical instructor who thought I was being "dangerous" because I wasn't calculating IV drip rates in the traditional way (i.e. with algebra and formulas). I just had an understanding of it in my head and worked it out my own way. She grilled me with several questions on the spot and when I kept coming up with the right answers despite my "dangerous" calculation methods, she gave up and muttered something about me posing a threat to my patients >_> She did try to get me to work it out algebraically but I told her, I could technically do it that way but I found it more confusing than my own method and therefore was more likely to make a mistake that way.