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If your patient is getting IV antibiotics but does not need to get IV fluids in between receiving antibiotics, do you get new tubing each time you hang the antibiotic (let's say it's supposed to... Read More

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    Disconnect the line. Put a sterile cap on the end of the IV line. Flush the saline lock. The saline lock needs to be flushed again prior to next dose.
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    I think you are asking about the end of the tubing when the antibiotic is finished. You need to carry a cap with you to plug that end. Do not plug it into an unused port on the main tubing.
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    I was scared about that too, thanks for asking.
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    Good technique! Yes always follow your hospital P&P but as Aurora77 said that 100ml bag is cheap, it delivers the rest of the antibiotic in the iv line to your patient so they get all the med. Even for intermittent this is best nursing practice and it clears your tubing of any residual med incase you are re-using tubing.

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