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    I am having problems these past few days. And I really don't want to post it here in forums because I am ashamed that people might think of anything else. I am the type of person, who always do what's right. I am a clean person. I though this can only be felt if you are not clean and you are having a lot of partners. But I guess, I'm wrong. I have this itchiness down there and I know for a fact that this is not normal. I know that there is something wrong going on. Aside from the itchiness that I've felt, I'm having problem with my sex life. I felt like I don't want to do it anymore. I'm not like this before. I was shock with this change. This is not good because my realtionship with my husband is already affected. Due to this, I can barely sleep at night. I felt depressed about these things. I understand that the best thing to do is to have an appointment with my doctor but I wanted to find out what am I feeling. So what I did was to search online. I went to different sites until I found this one, yeastinfection.org/yeast-infection-signs-and-symptoms/ . According to what I have read I might have yeast infections.
    Is this a serious illness? What do I need to do? Your help will really be appreciated.
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    Im sorry that this is happening to you, but per AN site terms we can not give any medical advise, please go see your doctor..
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    To both above posters, it's spelled "advice." And no. We cannot give medical advice here.
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    I see. Thank you. I will go see my doctor.
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    Quote from mclennan
    To both above posters, it's spelled "advice." And no. We cannot give medical advice here.
    I did not notice that! Thanks. I have changed it.
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    Sorry posting from my phone..
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    I am sorry you are not feeling well as per the Terms of Service we cannot give medical advice you need to follow up with your healthcare provider.

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