I need help with a dosage question on medicine please?Thanks - page 2

A patient is to receive tablet four times daily. The available tablets are 5 mg. How many milligrams of medication will the patient receive per day?... Read More

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    2.5 X 4 =10mg or 5mg X 2 =10mg
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    thanks hunn i just multiplied 1/2 by 4. and i got two.. so then 2 by 5 = 10.. thanks so much i appreciate it.. it's worded stupid but i got the same thing..
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    i got ten... right..
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    Yes exactly! Also your mailbox is full...need to empty some messages.
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    5/1 * 1/2 = 5/2 * 4/1 = 20/2 =10/1 =10mg

    I've got some spare time today PM if you need some help.
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    thanks so much . you know i know it's easy questions but everyone needs help. im just getting back in with the school thing.. thank you so much...
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    you guys are wonderful if you need. help with anythign as well let me know... dont be embarrassed as i am not i know its an easy question but its ok
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    No worries. Sometimes math anxiety can obscure an easy answer. I'd much rather help you and make sure you get the answers right when you have to medicate a patient than make you feel bad for not knowing the answer.
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    take half of 5 x .5 =2.5 x 4=10
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    right i know sir but this is my strategy as to what i did. i just multiplied 1/2 times 4.. right then that was 2,, so 2 by 5 equals ten .. thats how i did it that way...its so backwards to me it sucks

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