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I'm currently doing my senior internship for nursing school. The other day, I set up a piggyback using the "backpriming" method, where you hook everything up and then lower the piggyback bag so the... Read More

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    Wait a second, now I am learning. I think (think) that a piggyback and a secondary line are the same thing. A piggyback would refer to a secondary line that is added to an existing hanging fluid to gravity. A secondary is a line that is added to an existing fluid through a pump. (which could also be set to run concurrently). I have always learned that if using a pump, the height of each (meaning one higher than the other) did not matter if the pump is set correctly. But as I noted earlier, it may be a matter of the pump. In my experience, most get mucked up if the cassette is not filled like it should be--either by not priming correctly (and that is a PAIN) or that some fluid comes out of the top when you take off the end cap on the port at the top of the cassette. Backpriming can fill the cassette to where it works again, but often will get a "cassette failure" notice.....
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    Jadelpn, both piggybacks and secondary bags can be programmed with pumps. The difference is that with a piggyback, the lines are connected at the y site above the pump, hence sharing a pump. A secondary bag is run through its own pump and connected to a y site below the pump.
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    Thank you for that information! Why would someone need this? Three (or more) infusions at a time? So a patient could conceivably have fluids, an antibiotic and then something else--fluids and the antibiotic on pump one, then another medication on pump 2 connected to the y site below pump 1 in a single IV? Don't mean to sound dumb, but I have never done this before (and I think thankfully LOL) AND because I am talking about it, don't you KNOW that it will now come up! LOL

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