For this question on droppers I think its two types.. So can both of them be the ansr

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    The physician orders 5 mL of a liquid oral medication for a 2-year-old child. Which of these droppers would be the best choice to measure this dosage? Answer
    Dropper A
    Dropper B
    Dropper C
    Dropper D

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    I know the answer. but I was thinking from a nurses point of view is it best to use the smaller measurment because 5ml=1 tsp or use the milliliter dropper... Couldn't it be the first one, a and d.. both or no..
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    Hard to answer with what you put.. I have no clue what Dropper A,B,C, or D hold.. You didn't add ml or cc's or any measurement beside them.
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    no the answers are written just like that. im taking a dosage class online. which really isn't very helpful but it's okay. I guess dropper A. has the measurement of 2.0 ml. and the dropper d says 1 tsp measurement. im guessing it's d because 5 ml= 1 teaspoon. and i would use the teaspoon measurement.
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    Aon, the picture with your droppers isnt showing, so we really can't help without some description of whats on dropper a,b,c,d
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