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easy ways to remember meds and identify them

  1. 6 Let me start by saying that this list is in no means complete but it's a good little start. To my knowledge these are accurate. It's just a list I had started to compile as I study for my Nclex-RN. The following are a list of suffix in meds to help identify them. like -cillin and penicillin etc.

    -azepam (benzodiazepine)
    -azine (antiemetic; phenothiazide)
    -azole (proton pump inhibitor)
    -barbital (barbiturate)
    -cillin (penicillin)
    -cycline (antibiotic)
    -ipramine (Tricyclic antidepressant)
    -navir (protease inhibitor)
    -olol (beta antagonist)
    -oxin (cardiac glycoside)
    -phylline (bronchodilator)
    -pril (ACE inhibitor)
    -terol (Beta 2 Agonist)
    -tidine (H2 Antagonist)
    -trophin (Pituitary Hormone)
    -zosin (alpha 1 Antagonist)
    -statin (cholesterol lowering agent)
    -sartan (angiotensin receptor blocker)
    -sone (glucocorticoid)
    -mycin (anti-infective, aminoglycosides)
    -vir (anti-viral)
    -coxib (cox 2 enzyme blockers)
    -caine (anesthetics)
    -mab (monoclonal antibiotics)
    -stigmine (cholinergics)
    -thiazide (diuretic)
    -ase (thrombolytic)

    and one prefix
    ceph or cef- (cephalosporins)
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    good list, i am sorry i cant really help ya off the top of my head. i dont remember drugs like that. btw.. good luck with the nclex!!! sounds like your at a great start of studying!!

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    thank you very much for this! If you can think of any more, pls add!
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    -ase = thrombolytic
    -coxib = cox 2 enzyme blocker
    -caine = anesthetics
    -dipine = CCB
    -floxacin = antibiotic
    -ine = reverse transcriptase inhibitors, antihistamines
    -kinase = thrombolytics
    -lone, pred = corticosteroid
    -mab = monoclonal antibiotics
    -micin = antibiotic, aminoglycoside
    -navir = protease inhibitor
    -nitr = nitrate/vasodilator
    -olol = beta blocker
    -oxin = cardiac glycoside
    -osin = alpha blocker
    -parin = anticoagulant
    -prazole = PPI
    -stigmine = colinergics
    -terol = beta 2 agonist
    -thiazide = diuretic
    -tidine = antiulcer
    -trophin = pituitary hormone
    -vir = anti-viral, protease inhibitor
    -zozin = alpha 1 antagonist
    -zolam = benzodiazapine, sedative
    -zine = antihistamine

    1 heart, 2 lungs = beta 1 for cardiac, beta 2 for respiatory