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Carpuject!? - page 2

My hospital uses the carpuject cartridges, but not the injectors. We draw up the meds into a syringe with a blunt tip and just give it that way. My question is this: do you inject any air into the... Read More

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    No air.
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    Get your hands on a Carpuject thingy and keep it in your pocket with all your work stuff. Consider it your personal property. Much simpler with Carpuject cartridges. Also, I know I'm in a minority, but I hardly ever inject air into anything. Unless there's a vapour lock and I can't draw up. Generally, I just put the needle through the stopper and have no problems.
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    I have never pulled the medication out of the carpuject syringe. I screw a 1 1/2 inch blunt tip needle to the carpuject syringe and then use the cap of the needle as a plunger to push the medication into whatever type of syringe I need for that administration. Works like a charm. Never had one blow up on me .... yet 😊.