adderall? how safe to mix with a sleeping pill

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    So i am wondering if anyone can tell me how safe i is to take adderall and a sleeping pill, is it almost an overkill? Also i was wondering i had a pt. who has been on adderall for 4 years, and is just now begining to experience high blood pressure, anyone know some reasons for that?

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    adderall is generally taken in the morning and is a stimulant. Sleeping pills are generally taken at bedtime and are a depressant. It is doubtful they would be prescribed to be taken at the same time. If your patient has hypertension report it to his Doctor and ask the Doctor what he thinks. It is probably not due to a medication the patient has been taking for several years. People who take adderal and other meds for ADHD often take tenex, catapres and other meds at the same time as an adjunct to the effect of the stimulants.

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