Which online school should I use?

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    I graduated a year ago with my ASN and I am looking to begin my BSN online this fall. I've heard good things about the U of Phoenix, but it's so expensive. Then I looked at Western Governor's Univ which is regionally accredited and more affordable. Does anyone have some advice about which online schools are legit? Thanks.

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    I got my BSN at Western Governors University. It's fully accredited and completely legit. I highly recommend it. I will be returning in June to start my MSN program.
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    hi does anyone know where i can find an online school for me adn
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    As far as I know there are 2 for ADN - Excelsior and Indiana State. Be careful though, I've read that ISU tries to force you into a contract with the college network which is an uneeded added expense.

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