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Hello I am looking at making a career change from business to nursing eventually going for NP. I need online live in Missouri found UWosh online accelerated, can anyone who is in or graduated from there give me details of how... Read More

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    I actually had it early this week! I thought it went good, they were very friendly and made me feel very comfortable. I just didn't like how I couldn't read facial expressions and cues! Have you heard anymore from them? I just secured a CNA job at my hometown hopsital, so I'm hoping that little bit of extra experience will help my case.

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    Oh, that's great! I applied for another CNA gig last night, and I'm well-qualified, but have no idea whether it will work out. Glad your interview went well! I do think it will be tough not seeing their faces, but I guess that's something to get used to, given the online format of the program. :-/ I haven't heard anything else, but I don't expect to yet. I suspect I'm pretty late on the list if they're evaluating them in the order everything was received. I've been accepted to a local university's nursing program for the fall, so at least I know I have an option somewhere if this one doesn't work out.
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    Well at least you have a fall back plan!! I talked to the financial aid office and they said that most people get only about half of the necessary funding through Oshkosh's loan offers. I was looking into the nursing repayment program, but yet again, you have to be already accepted
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    Have you heard anything back about a phone interview yet?! My fingers are crossed for you!
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    Nothing yet. :-/
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    Hi kpete1986, I applied for the October 2013 cohort and was just wondering when you heard your admission decision last year? During my phone interview, they said that they were hoping to have decisions earlier than the May 31st date, so I have my fingers crossed for that!!
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    They told me that it may be a couple weeks earlier than the end of the month, but probably not early enough for scholarship apps due in early May.
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    Ugh, I feel like I've missed out on so many possible financial assistance purely due to the unusual application timeline.
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    Yeah, that's a big drawback for me. I'm very likely going to wait 'til next year and/or will go elsewhere because of that. I'm not having a stellar experience with online classes this semester (my grades are fine, but the teaching is highly variable), and I need as many non-loan funding options as possible. I did alert them to this issue in particular, and I know they talked about it as a group. It may or may not change anything about the timeline in the future, but they couldn't do much for this round. Not that it matters for me, since I haven't even been contacted for a phone interview. I assume that means I'm out of the running, but who knows? They do have a lot of applications to process, so I guess it's still possible. They're no longer my first choice, so it's less of a big deal to me at this point.
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    Hey guys! Are most of you from the Oshkosh area? I am about to graduate from the traditional program (1 week from today!), but happen to know many people who have gone through the accelerated program. I also have built great relationships with a lot of the excel instructors through school organizations (they have actually helped me get interviews at local hospitals). The point I'm trying to get at, if you are planning on applying to the excel, or traditional, program and would like to get involved in some of these organizations (and network with a lot of instructors), shoot me a message and maybe I can help.

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