University of Wyoming vs. Ohio University vs. UT Arlington

  1. Hi everyone,

    I've been researching RN-BSN online programs for a while now. It is mind-boggling how many programs there are and how the expenses and requirements vary from school to school! Anyway, I have finally narrowed it down to these three:

    1. University of Texas Arlington
    2. Ohio University
    3. University of Wyoming

    And that is where I am stuck. They are all CCNE accredited and have brick-and-mortar locations, are all public with reasonable tuition, and all average 12-13 months in length. I don't think any of the three have clinicals. I think UTA and OU have shorter semesters, but I would be able to get in sooner. Otherwise I am having a hard time finding any big differences between them.

    Something I'd like to avoid is a lot of group work if possible as I prefer to work individually. I don't mind tests or papers as long as they are do-able with a full-time job. I HAVE to be able to keep up a good GPA in whichever program for my future career interests.

    With this information, can anyone recommend one of these schools over another? For those considering or attending these schools, what made you select them and are you happy where you are?

    Thank you SOOOOO much! This process is so much more complicated than I ever thought it would be.
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  3. by   mo2rn
    Well i am currently attending OU. I work full time and the program is doable it can be time consuming and difficult at times but doable. Personally i decided to attend OU based on the thread here on AN it is very informative and provided detailed steps on almost all the processes involved, with enrollment and attending ( told from the students perspective). Real time review is priceless plus there are ongoing boards which provide a lot of support. Just go with your gut whichever school makes you feel more comfortable, and check out OU's main thread, just for more info.
  4. by   JustADream
    Thank you so much for your feedback! Have you found that OU requires frequent group assignments and have you been pleased with your instructors and the overall format/information provided? I have been reading all of the school threads for weeks. I can see how having a dedicated forum might be nice when you are looking for support. I didn't see one for the University of Wyoming like there are for OH and UTA, but there were several threads about it. Thanks again!
  5. by   JustADream
  6. by   mo2rn
    oh sorry for the late reply, I have not had a group project just yet, but i have seen threads which suggest at least one class has this requirement. however i think that class is being combined with another and they wont have that particular assignment anymore.I have only completed 3 classes and for the most part the instructors and TA's are pretty good about responding to questions and concerns. For OU you need to check out the main thread not the sub-threads.
  7. by   JustADream
    Thanks so much! I applied to OU a couple of days ago, so fingers crossed that it all goes smoothly! I also read something like 35 pages of the main thread, so I am trying to catch up. I really appreciate the info- I'd be lost without this information.
  8. by   jjPedsRN
    I dont know about the group assignments at UTA but a lot of nurses from my work started going there because of the price of the school and they all hate it. Mainly because their website is not user friendly and it is hard to get ahold of staff to get help when needed.
  9. by   RnBound0510
    I started UTA last spring and I am able to always contact someone easily. My questions and concerns get answered promptly and everyone seems helpful and understanding as well. I know of two nurses on my floor who have all completed the program without any issues!! Good luck!