University of West Florida RN to BSN Program-Anyone go there?

  1. I am looking at several online RN to BSN school programs. One of them is University of West Florida. One year program. Has anyone gone through this program?
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    Seems you cannot edit a post once done?

    Anyway since it would seem no one has gone to this school what do you think of the program? One year, no clinical's, accredited, and fairly inexpensive for in state tuition. Only in two classes at once. One 8 week, then another 8 week and one 16 week class at the same time.

    B.S. Nursing - Online RN-BSN Track Curriculum Schedule Planner
    Online RN-BSN Nursing Curriculum.
    Admission is limited to those students who have completed all other requirements for the University Baccalaureate degree prior to enrolling in the nursing upper division coursework.

    First Semester
    Second Semester
    Third Semester
    NUR 3081*
    Transition to Professional Nursing Practice 4 SH
    NUR 4636*
    Community Health Nursing
    4 SH
    NUR 4895 * Client Education 4 SH
    NUR 3067**
    Health Assessment 4 SH
    NUR 4286**
    Gerontological Nursing 3 SH
    NUR 4828**
    Nursing Systems Management
    4 SH
    Nursing Research 3 SH
    Nursing Elective 3 SH Nursing Elective 3 SH ***
    11 SH
    10 SH
    11 SH

    *Term B - Runs first half of the semester
    **Term C Runs second half of the semester
    ***HSC 3555 Pathophysiology accepted for one nursing elective
  4. by   coteaux
    Are you in the program now, How is it?
  5. by   PrincessO
    Have anyone gone to thus school? I am starting this semester.
  6. by   RNsoul
    I just registered there. How is it going so far?
  7. by   PrincessO
    It is going well. I am currently in pharmacology and have one more class to go. I really enjoyed the program, but am happy to be almost done.
  8. by   KbmRN
    Are there any exams or tests in this program

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