UIC online RN to BSN Program

  1. Is anyone taking the online program at University of Illinois Chicago?
    I'm very interested in applying once I complete my ADN. However, I'm somewhat nervous because it's online.

    I'm super new to all of this and was wondering if someone could explain to me what an online program is like and possibly their personal experiences.
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  3. by   moonlightop
    I am currently enrolled in the RN-BSN program over at UIC. The classes are 8 weeks long, so you only need to take one at a time. I work full time, 3 12 hr shifts a week, and I find it very feasible to work full time and be in the program at the same time. The requirements are that you log in at least 4x a week, and participate in 'discussion'. At first I found it difficult to stay on track because it is online, but you just have to find your routine, stay organized, and fight yourself not to slack off. I found that doing my 'class work' at the library or at a bookstore helped me mimic a classroom. It helps me stay on track.
  4. by   mosuhpanic
    I am also very interested in this program when I complete my ADN. Mind if I ask you a few questions? Was it as hard as it was to get into the actual RN program? Did you have to test to get in? Super high grades and competitive? Some schools I know won't take you if you have withdrawals on your prereq transcripts. Is that how it works there? How long were you an RN before deciding to go for your BSN? Would you suggest working for a bit after you pass boards and then start awhile after? I am worried that I won't want to go back and would really rather continue in school mode to get it done. How do clinicals work? Ok, sorry if those are a lot. Seeing that you look intensely busy...I am sorry if this is annoying!!!! Thanks for whatever information you can share
  5. by   vrnursestudent
    Here is UIC's online rn to bsn program information session. It answers all your questions and more. https://scs.adobeconnect.com/_a11463...m_medium=email

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