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Does anyone know of any good alternatives to Excelsior for an online LVN-RN transition program. BTW, I would really like it if this wasn't a debate about excelsior or a thread where people tried to convince me to go to... Read More

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    No, I did not proceed with Angelo. I am currently with Lamar State College Port Arthur. Halfway through the program Will be finishing March 24, 2013. Can't hardly wait. Good luck.
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    I am searching for an online LVN to RN bridge program,,,.i live in Plano Texas..does anyone have any experience or know a reliable online school that offer this option ,,thanks
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    Hello Ronnegs,
    I am currently enrolled with Lamar State College Port Arthur LVN-RN Mobility Nursing Program 15 mos.study. I will be finishing March 24, 2013 and graduating May 10, 2013. You can call the school or go to their website. www.lamarstatecollegepanursing.com
    arlel 58
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    I see all posts for Lamar State College state that this is a 15 month program. I have completed all but 6 of the BSN prerequisites. Would that shorten the length of the program or would I have to wait until the others complete theirs & start then? Also, I think my A&P I and Micro may have passed the 5 yr mark. Would I have to retake them?