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  1. Just finished A&P 1 and 2 with straighterline and loved it . Only problem i had was the 2 labs were 500 bucks. So i did a little research and paid 180 for both. If you search online for home science kits you can get exactly the same things that are in the kits for less than what sciencelabs charges.
    I got everything from
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  3. by   Txffmedic
    Great two hear. I just completed info. Lit. I was going through straighterlines website, I will be starting A&P 1, when I came across your post. Did you buy a specific kit or did you have to piece it together?
  4. by   Theone40
    I bought 90% from home the rest i got from the grocery store or ebay........if you decided not to go this route just let me know what you need and i can tell you what i did or sent it ...i have some extra items...
  5. by   romstead
    txffmedic ..tried to answer your pm, but your message box is full. .contact me at if you still want some tips about Straighterline A&P
  6. by   LVN/RNBridge
    Hi lvnrnmd2be,

    Great info on the labs. Too late here, I already ordered and completed A and P I, I am now on A and P II.

    My question to you is this. Did you experience an extreme lag time on the exams?
    In other words, The timer keeps running and you are still waiting for the next questions to generate on blackboard?

    I find this super frustrating and wonder if you had the same problems with the timer and exam lag time between questions.

    Thanks for any input
  7. by   Theone40
    i wouldn't say extreme but i do remember having to click the next arrow maybe 2 or 3 go to the next question....also noted this happing in other straigherline classes
  8. by   LVN/RNBridge
    I think we found the prob. I'm on a MacBook and Firefox seemed to be the problem. I Tried an exam on safari and it was fast and doable. I never even tried safari before, because of the videos plus I thought, pics would not appear. Well it worked today, so live and learn:-)Thanks for the feedback:-)
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  9. by   pearl77
    what type of questions do they ask in the labs?
  10. by   cvalla
    Hi lvnrnmd2be,

    Awesome work for finding all the supplies for less! Is there any way you can kindly post the list of supplies you purchased from that website? The lab kit is very expensive (and more than I can afford right now) and I really need to complete these prereqs soon, but I noticed you purchased both for less than $200.00 from that website. I saw the picture of the Straighterline lab kit, but couldn't make out the solutions in the bottles or even what three organs near the fetal pig are. I am forever greatful if you can help me.
  11. by   Theone40
    escience lab used to have a detailed list of everything in the box, but after I posted this they removed it. Also I deleted my starighterline stuff( so I don't have the list anymore) . I was able to go to and look up my invoice. Here is everything I bought for ant/psyio with straighterline. when I was done I had a lot of stuff I did not use and extras....but it still cost me only 200 way less then esciencelab. You can also purchase the class and go into each lab and see what is required (make a list) or compare to what I ordered. Your Order:
    Description Qty Ordered Qty Shipped Status Unit Price Total
    Item #BE-GLUTES
    Glucose test strips, 10 pack
    1 $3.00 $3.00
    Item #BE-OSIMET
    Osmosis Set
    1 $6.95 $6.95
    Item #BE-PETRI20
    Petri dishes, plastic, 20/pk
    1 $5.95 $5.95
    Item #CE-BEI0100
    Beaker, glass, 100 ml
    1 $2.50 $2.50
    Item #CE-BEI0250
    Beaker, glass, 250 ml
    1 $2.95 $2.95
    Item #CE-CYGL100
    Graduated cylinder, glass, 100 ml
    1 $6.30 $6.30
    Item #CE-PIPE01A
    Pipette, Serological, 1 ml x 0.01 ml
    1 $1.00 $1.00
    Item #CE-PIPE05A
    Pipette, Serological, 5 ml x 0.05 ml
    1 $1.00 $1.00
    Item #CE-PIPET
    Pipet, disposable, 5 ml, 10/pk
    1 $1.20 $1.20
    Item #CE-TTRACK1
    Test tube rack, 6 holes
    1 $3.90 $3.90
    Item #CE-TTUBESM
    Test Tubes, small 13x100 mm
    6 $2.00 $12.00
    Item #CH-AGARN08
    Agar, nutrient, 8 g, dehydrated
    1 $4.75 $4.75
    Item #CH-BROMOBL
    Bromothymol blue, 100 ml
    1 $4.00 $4.00
    Item #CH-DEXTROS
    Dextrose (glucose), 30 g
    1 $3.00 $3.00
    Item #CH-FOODCOL
    Food Coloring, 4 colors
    1 $3.50 $3.50
    Item #CH-IODINE
    Iodine solution (Lugol's) 30 ml
    1 $4.25 $4.25
    Item #CH-STARCH
    Starch, water soluble, 30 g
    1 $4.25 $4.25
    Item #DE-SET1
    Advanced Dissecting Tools
    1 $8.95 $8.95
    Item #DE-TRAYS
    Dissecting tray, Styrofoam
    5 $0.40 $2.00
    Item #ME-THER30A
    Thermometer, Fahrenheit & Celsius, 12"
    1 $2.95 $2.95
    Item #PM-BRAINSH
    Brain, sheep
    1 $11.70 $11.70
    Item #PM-EYECOW
    Cow eye
    1 $2.65 $2.65
    Item #PM-PIG2
    Fetal Pig, 7-10", double injected
    1 $15.95 $15.95

    Item total: $114.70
    Shipping: $6.95
    ORDER TOTAL: $121.65

    Your Order:

    Description Qty Ordered Qty Shipped Status Unit Price Total
    Item #BE-BLDSIM2
    ABO-RH Simulated Blood Typing Kit
    1 1 Shipped (2/27/2012) $38.50 $38.50
    Item #BE-MEMBRLG
    Dialysis tubing, semi-permeable membrane, 12"
    6 6 Shipped (2/27/2012) $2.00 $12.00
    Item #CE-TTUBELG
    Test Tubes, large 16x150 mm
    6 6 Shipped (2/27/2012) $1.00 $6.00
    Item #CH-BENSOL
    Benedict's solution, 100 ml
    1 1 Shipped (2/27/2012) $4.25 $4.25
    Item #CH-EOSIN
    Eosin Y, 1%, 30 ml
    1 1 Shipped (2/27/2012) $4.50 $4.50
    Item #DE-TRAYS
    Dissecting tray, Styrofoam
    4 4 Shipped (2/27/2012) $0.40 $1.60
    Item #PM-HEARTSH
    Heart, sheep
    1 1 Shipped (2/27/2012) $4.10 $4.10
    Item #UN-BIURET
    Biuret reagent, 30 ml
    1 1 Shipped (2/27/2012) $3.75 $3.75

    Item total: $74.70
    Shipping: $6.95
    ORDER TOTAL: $81.65

    I don't think you need this item - Item #BE-BLDSIM2
    ABO-RH Simulated Blood Typing Kit - I did the lab but remember not using the kit. I also had a whole bunch of petri dishes that I did not need and bought too many test tubes. I also bought glass items like test tubes and beakers. You can save a lot buy purchasing plastic.
  12. by   lvaughn
    Thanks for the list I am doing the straighteline A&P II class do you know if thes supplies were for both classes, or if they were not which supplies are needed for just A&PII.

    Thanks so Much For Any Help. Trying to find cheaper lab supplies than the kit for $249.
  13. by   Theone40
    I used all items for anatomy and physiology. I its just I over ordered on some of the items...for example petri dish come in a 20 pack only need 3 I think or also the lugols solution you only need a small amount but it comes in a 30 ml bottle...more thank you don't need the osmosis set I used the dialysis tubing from that for one of the experiments but you can just by dialysis tubing separate.
  14. by   excited1
    For those that have taken A & P II with Straighterline, did you get an "A" in the course? As we all know, all nursing schools are highly competitive. I have a 4.0 in every science and now I am fighting tooth and nail to get into the second semester at my local community college due to budget cuts and limited seating. I want/need to get an A but curious if its possible using the online format and at home labs? Any information is appreciated.

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