starting RN to BSN at Purdue Calumet!

  1. Hi everyone I am starting RN to BSN at purdue. so far my experience has been good. they took almost all my transfer credit.
    does anyone have experience with purdue calcuet?

    Thank You
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  3. by   red101368

    I'm looking to go to school to become a LPN but it has to be online. Does anybody know what are the top online schools to do this? I've seen horror stories about being ripped off. I even saw stories of people graduating from online schools and when it came time to get a job, employers wouldn't even look at the resume because it's from an online school.

    Any info would be wonderful.
  4. by   JR82
    Yeah, I went there for my undergrad (engineering) in 2003-2007. Back then, in that field of study, it was fantastic. Granted I didn't study Nursing, but my professors at the time were the best in their field. There's also Indiana University Northwest down the road from Purdue Calumet in beautiful Gary, and their nursing program is phenomenal. Just saying.
  5. by   Best_Name_Ever
    I am a senior in the BSN program at puc. Is there something specifically you would like to know? Most of the classes in that program are part of my curriculum, and I have taken them already.
  6. by   liabug
    I am applying to Purdue for rn to bsn as well. How easy is the online program used for the courses? I have also applied to University of Texas Arlington but want a program with the most easy to navigate online course set up and good support if needed. Also am just wanting the best/most recognized Rn to BSN program out there for my money as I want to get into a good MSN program after.Opinions anyone?

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