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  1. Hi Everyone - I am a working nurse (about 24 hours a week) I work evenings and have 3 small children at home and a husband who works crazy shift work hours. I am thinking of going back to school to get my BSN> I already have a bachelors degree in something else; so I am hoping some of those classes will satisfy the BSN requirements.

    I went to DCCC for my nursing, and would like to do my BSN online (for reasons listed above! absolutly no time to go to campus) I have checked into West Chester who has an agreement with DCCC< but it looks like yo have to go on campus.

    Has anyone taken ONLINE RN TO BSN classes? Which ones are the fastest/cheapest?(million dollar question!)How long did it take? Ive looked into several schools and they are hounding me like crazy already. ANy info from the nursing community would be helpful!
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    I did my RN-BSN online through the University of Wyoming. I was able to transfer in a lot of science credits and even took a few distance learning classes from my local CC that transfered in. I finished in a little over a year taking 2-3 classes a semester and a 2 month clinical at the local health department in the summer. And tuition is one of the cheapest around.

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