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mods, can we get a sticky? in preparation for getting a bsn i am trying to gather information regarding online bsn programs. if you have links to what you feel is an affordable :rolleyes:, online, no residency requirement... Read More

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    Quote from frankie,RN
    Be proud of yourself. You did it. I'm just starting a 13month online program at La Salle University. It does seem tough but doable. Hopefully it will go by soon. Congratulations.
    thanks so much! I thought I would have my bachelor's, oh, 14 years ago but better late than never!! I just can't believe it's done...

    and wow, 13 months! good luck!

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    Quote from 2boys1nurse
    I am truly sorry to here about your loss. I hope you and your family are doing well. Are semesters 15 or 18 wks in length? Does that mean 2 class per semester?Glad to hear no more clinicals, but was ok since I read 4 hrs per wk. Any drawbacks to the program? Would you recommend this university to others? Are there any group projects? Do you have direct communication with the instructors or the life coach people? Any surprises right before you were going to graduate such as additional fees to pay or additional classes they just realize you need in order to graduate? I am a little intimidated by an all on-line program. Did it take you 2 years to finish? I appreciate your positive, encouraging post on this website. I have been searching schools for about 2-3 wks and it has been exhausting.
    The clinicals were 8 hours a week, 120 hours for the semester. I did not have group projects, yeah! Instructors I mostly emailed and they wrote back quickly, but I think you could call and talk to them without issue-classes are very straight-forward and prob nothing you would need to call about really.

    No surprises before grad, it was all upfront, just paid the $25 grad fee for my degree to be issued. I researched classes for longer than you!!! lol since I took time off it took me seven years from when I first took classes. I have done a lot of online and distance learning, you just have to be your own boss since a teacher isn't breathing down your neck!
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    Quote from mrvlegov
    Their site is confusing. They give you "credit for prior learning" credits you pay $20 per class so I think I paid $180 and I got a bunch of classes that I didn't have to take so that fulfills the 40 credits of upper division credits. I did not have to take all those classes you listed, although they are listed as requirements they are waived if you have an ASN degree. This link lists all the required classes. Fall 2012 curriculum overview http://hs.boisestate.edu/nursing/fil...N-AY-2012-.pdf
    I did take my statistics class online from a community college.
    I emailed the advisor and talked to her on the phone and sent her copies of my unofficial transcripts and she was able to tell me what I needed. Her contact information is on this sheet at the above link. It does say all nurses with an associates will need to complete those gen education classes, however I'm not sure why it isn't very clear because they waive that if you have an ASN. I didn't have to take any of those classes. I'd just talk to Maura. She's awesome.
    I did already graduate, yes, Magna Cum Laude!
    I didn't take the 1 credit class because I'm really good with computers and didn't think I needed it, but I would recommend it if you aren't familiar or comfortable with these things. There are only 29 credits for the nursing classes (it was 28 last year but they've changed it for this year) but you need 30 to graduate so I had to take a 2 credit class to make up the 30 credits. So if you need statistics you might want to take it from Boise state, then you won't have to make up that last credit, otherwise, take the 1 credit class to equal 30 credits. Let me know if you have other questions.
    Congrats Magna Cum Laude! Thank you for the feedback. I will contact Maura to inquire what classes I will need to complete if I attend their university. Great idea about taking Stats at their school. I have been researching on-line Stats at other school (Community Colleges), but the professor reviews are not impressing. Did you find the program to be difficult? Do the instructors scrutinize submitted papers like English teachers? You had to complete a power point presentation? Any drawback to this program you would like to share? I am not looking forward to more student loans.
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    Hello, I'm glad to be finding out about the Rn-BSN online programs. I am currently interested in applying in to a well known ADN program in California....but would like to obtain the BSN for future possibilities. Unfortunately, some of the schools here are impacted and are no longer accepting second bachelors (I already have a Bachelors in another area).

    My concern is the GPA acceptance into these programs. I just looked at University of Texas Arlington and the gpa acceptance seems to be much lower than my state school (a 3.0 for my state school/based on the catalog, but their GPA acceptance is much higher than that - i am aware.) Compared to UTA which states a 2.4 or 2.5 I believe for RN-BSN program. But I am aware those are for policy purposes.

    Please, anybody, let me know of your experience regarding GPA for Rn-BSN. Or could somebody possibly list some accreditted RN-BSN schools that I could look in to. Thank you.

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