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Well everyone, I PASSED LS1 with a 'B'! :hpygrp: It was a super hard exam and I definitely didn't think I did very well when I was clicking End Exam. But I am thrilled with my success! Thanks... Read More

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    Quote from CRudler
    taking time off is okay, i did it too this summer, took 5 weeks off around the time of my wedding. i only have LS2, and LS3, FCCA, and then CPNE left. LS2 is next on my list! hopefully it won't be as difficult as LS1! What are you doing next?
    Congrats! I am hoping to test in Chronicity next week (after taking a year+ off!) Did you feel the lifespan exam was more difficult than the previous EC exams? Did you prepare the same way? Thanks for your input!
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    yes I definitely think the lifespan exam was more difficult than the previous EC exams. And yes i did prepare the same way. do all the required reading, study the free exam content guide, and definitely the EC practice exams.
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    Congratulations! Good job!
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