Opinions on Chamberlain College????

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    I already have my RN and plan on getting my BSN and am looking at online school to get it

    can anyone tell me anything about the chamberlain college of nursing RN to BSN program?

    how it is?
    if it's got good reputation from an employer standpoint?


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    I have been enrolled since Jan 09 with Chamberlain. I have completed 2 classes and on week 6 of 2 more. The classes are 8 weeks in length. The nursing class is taken through Chamberlain and the general education class is from DeVry.

    In the nursing class, you have to post 2 times per week to a weekly discussion thread. In general ed class you have to post 3 times. Of course the posts have to be of value in order to get credit for each week.

    There are lots, and I mean lots of papers to write. They are of varying lenghts and types and you often get to pick what you want to write about which is nice. Lots of internet surfing for research. There are sometimes books required for the class but they are all online. You pay a fee like 60 or so dollars but at least you don't have a butt-load of books you will never look at again lying around.

    I have really enjoyed the school as I graduated from EC in sept. It was a quick jump back into school but I am enjoying it. I should be done with my BSN in early 2010.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.
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    Tuition is pricey at Chamberlain, but I'm enjoying the program. I started on my RN-BSN classes in October 2008, but I'm just taking one class at a time, for the most part. I think I actually like DeVry's online format a little better than Chamberlain's, but they use similar software for the classes. But yes, there have been lots of papers to write! Luckily I enjoy that sort of thing.

    When I looked at the price of Chamberlain vs. other programs, the bottom line came out nearly the same because Chamberlain gave me more credit for my previous college classes (206 credits) than the other schools did.

    As far as the school goes, it has both a brick-and-mortar program as well as online, and it's NLNAC and CCNE-accredited. As far as I know, those things sound good to employers.
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    do you have to have an act or sat score to get into this college? i dont believe i ever took one, and i want to apply to this school but im not sure if i need to have these results. if i do have to have an act or sat score, does anyone know if i can still do this test now that im almost 30! i always thought this was for high school kids. I had a really bad experience in my previous nursing school with a few really mean teachers, does anyone know how the teachers at chamberlain are? im really hesitant to try and get back into a nursing program..please answer
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    krysia, are you looking at the online RN-BSN, or the actual traditional program?
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    the actual traditional program
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    You might want to post your question in the forum for the state where the campus you're interested in is located -- this is the distance learning forum, so we're discussing the online program, not the traditional one. I have to say, though, that my dealings with Chamberlain have been great so far! Good luck.
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    Hello Everyone, glad to hear some positive experiences. I am looking to apply to the program for the fall or winter semester. How is the financial aid packages? Are they generous or do you have to find your own financing?
    Thanks in advance,
    Olivia RN
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    Hello!!! I am so relieved to hear the positive comment regarding this college...as I was debating between Chamberlain and College Network......I followed my instinct and applied fo Chamberlain for Fall.....
    Sunzzi RN "BSN" after a year...
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    I had a friend who was looking into different programs. Chamberlains was one. She was accepted, they gave her a lot of credit for past classes, however they were quite expensive. What she did, before she made her final decision was to look at some of the local colleges who also had online programs. She called and sent in transcripts. They would give her as many credit hours AND it was 1/3 of the cost. Plus if she needed to, the college was within traveling distance. Many of the colleges/universities now have online RN to BSN/BSN to MSB/RN to MSN programs.
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