online statistics course and excel

  1. I am taking an introduction online statistics course in the Spring. I do not have Excel sofware but do have the free Microsoft office starter and also Open office Calc which I downloaded free. Does anyone know if these free programs are compatible with a statistics course? I don't want to have to pay for software.
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  3. by   GilaRRT
    Depends. Your course may have specific requirements and it's best to go to the source and find out exactly what you need. Another option if you are comfortable with math is to CLEP out of the entire course. CLEP testing really saved me a headache because I was able to knock all my undergrad math, some fine arts classes, behavioural science classes and even a humanities class. You can always do a cram session on Khan Academy to get your self ready for the exam. Good luck either way.
  4. by   BrandybunsRN
    Many of these schools require Excel, so check with your program. Remember that you will have to turn assignments in to your instructor and they will know whether or not you are using the correct/required program or not.
  5. by   TammyFNP2b
    I ended up dropping a course that primarily was going to be using excel--switched to University of Utah online
    stats (PSY 3000) course that was recommended by Frontier Univ-- I like it--It IS challenging.