online statistics class/no prerequisites

  1. Can anyone recommend a online statistics class with no prerequisites
    I'm not really a math person.

    I'm just going back to school to get my MSN and thought I would get my stats class out of the way. also going to takes ethics online too. I found one offered online.

    I'd like to find something in my home state of VA but all nothing is offered online without prereqs

    someone did mention a online course through colorado comm colleges
    That would be a little cheaper than taking the course at a nearby university and having to sit through a class
    guess I better get used to it
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  3. by   alanas09
    BYU has a lot of independent study course. They have a stats class and they only "recommend" prereqs for the class. Here is the website:

    I took calculus through BYU and it wasn't easy, but it is doable if you are willing to work hard and can study and learn on your own.

    Hope this helps!!
  4. by   Erikadawn RN
    Try straighterline, just google it and the site will come up. Just make sure your school will accept it from one of there partner schools.
  5. by   Trin
    UoP has a decent stats class that's over in five weeks.

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