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  1. Hi.

    I've been looking over and reading posts in this topic trying to see a little about the different online colleges; however it just is confusing me with all the different opinions of the same college on different topics. (or maybe I'm tired haha.)

    Anyways I graduated with my Associates of nursing about 4 years ago. I want to move on-since I've been in the LTC scene for two years now and I'm excited to get my life going a different way. I've noticed that a BSN may help me- plus it just seems right to get it since I wanna be a nurse for a while still.

    However since I work 5 days a week at 8 hours a day on second shift it pretty much kills any chances of a traditional college- where I go into a classroom and sit. So what I need is something that is online. It would be best if I didn't ever have to see the inside of a classroom because I can't cut hours or days and still survive on my living costs.

    I'm just wondering what colleges are good? One that is accredited and reputable. If I'm gonna spend the money and time I want it to be something that will be worth it. Any help would be loved! Thank you so much!!
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  3. by   klone
    There are a lot of options for good, reputable online colleges. I personally would recommend avoiding for-profit schools, such as University of Phoenix. I just feel like they're so expensive, and there are a lot of options for less expensive programs which are fully accredited.

    I am an alumnus of Western Governors University, so of course I always recommend them, but they are not the only good option. WGU allows you to accelerate (I know MANY people who have done the RN-BSN program in six months or less), but you do have to be HIGHLY independent and self-motivated, or this program may not be a good option for you. If you're the type of person who needs extrinsic deadlines in order to stay on task, then you might want to look at a different program. But if you're a "self starter" as they say, then it's an excellent program, and one of the least expensive ones out there.

    I also know that Fort Hays has an excellent, inexpensive program.
  4. by   SummerGarden
    Look at local State schools for an online RN-BSN program because they are much cheaper than Private online Nursing Schools and you can pay-as-you-go. I paid cash to attend a local University, where most of the program was online. The parts that were not online included my community and clinical projects. However, do not let that scare you.... Although the projects can be time consuming (along with the online work and exams), I was able to complete all of my assignments around my work and life schedule. In fact, the clinical projects can be performed at work. Good luck!