Online ASN to BSN Programs

  1. Hello everyone,

    I will be graduating in Mat 2015 with my ASN and I immediately want to get my BSN. I was wondering if there are any preferred online colleges or universities you all would recommend. Any advise at all would be great! Thanks.
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    There are tons of programs discussed in this forum if you do a little browsing. Also check with your current school -- many ADN programs have agreements with state schools to transfer credits into RN-BSN programs. Good luck in the rest of your ADN program!
  4. by   11nick
    I will second the previous comment. Many colleges already have agreements with larger programs, allowing for little perks you may not find elsewhere.
    Another thing I will add.... look far and wide as you consider your options. No two BSN programs are the same. There is one out there that is probably just a little more "perfect" for your personal situation. Some things that I personally weighed as I looked for programs:
    1. I wanted quick turn-around in my classes. (short class times) You can get classes that are anywhere from 5 - 15 weeks long.
    2. I didn't want to take any more classes to complete my BSN than I absolutely had to.
    3. I hope to go forward toward AP nursing, so I had to leave the door open for the advanced degrees. Accreditation was important.
    4. I didn't want a Capstone.
    5. I really wanted to find a course that had a pathophys class because I thought it would be interesting, but that was low on my list of needs. I didn't get it in my program of choice. Darn!
    6. Are there any SPECIFIC pre-requisite classes you simply are not willing to suffer through to get into a BSN program? you have to find a program that doesn't have that as a requirement.
    7. Cost is important to nearly everyone.
    8. Do you want an institution that you can flow right from your BSN into your masters without transferring to another institution? Make sure they have what you are looking for.
    I'm certain this isn't an all inclusive list. Everyone has their own list of "wants", and everyone's list is prioritized differently.

    Another thing to note: shop around for your pre-requisite classes, too. It may be more convenient to do them through the same institution where you take the BSN. But there are perks to taking them at other places, too. May be cheaper. Class times may be shorter, allowing you to take more classes in a shorter period of time. You may want to take them at a local community college because it is close home. You may want to take them half way across the country because they allow you to do everything from your laptop in your living room.
  5. by   Pixie.RN
    I actually made myself a spreadsheet of RN-BSN programs with the approximate cost, pros/cons, etc. It helped me narrow things down to my top three programs to which I eventually applied.