MSN online one class at a time

  1. I am looking into obtaining an MSN with an Adult NP option track. However, I am a very busy mother, pregnant, and working. I think that taking one class per semester/quarter would make it more doable. Are there online MSN NP programs that you know of that are capable of catering to that? If so, what is the maximum of time I can be in their program? 6 years? 7 years?

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  3. by   lhflanurseNP
    South University allows you to take one class at a time and you can complete your studies in 2 years.
  4. by   Walking N2 MyDestiny
    SLU is another school.
  5. by   jensfbay
    lhflanurse If South University allows me to take one class at a time and complete it in 2 years, wouldn't that be accelerated pace? I'm assuming that if I take one class per semester or quarter, it would take me at least four years. I don't want an accelerated pace. I want a slow pace where I can concentrate on one class per semester. I'm still having a hard time finding school like this.
  6. by   Walking N2 MyDestiny
    South University is all papers. No test.
  7. by   lhflanurseNP
    Several of the core curriculum classes are covered in 5 1/2 weeks, so it cuts the time down. Once you get into the clinical arena, they are all 11-week sessions. If one just took one class per schedule, you can be done in just over 2 years for adult NP and 2 /12 years for FNP. As the PP notes, SU does not have the completion of your Advanced Health and Physical Assessment clinical from what I have been told.