Military LPN to ADN?

  1. I'm in Honolulu, having a spot of difficulty finding a program that will accept me as a non resident. Does any one have any advice on this or know of any programs that might be of use to me, The Military gives us our License but none of the educational credit, so I have a license, I have taken some courses online for pre reqs and had alot of credit transfered as a result of military experience but they only count for Gen credit. Can I grab a non nursing Associates and the go for the BSN program? Your thoughts?
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    Have you looked at Excelsior's program? Or AECP?
  4. by   medicmatt44
    You are most likely aware of this- having experience as a LPN is wonderful and will enhance your nursing school application.

    That being said. the RN route requires a multitude of pre-requisites- all courses that are not part of a LPN curriculum.

    For example, your military educational transcript should show an A and P course. University/college level Nursing schools require (for the most part) a two semester sequence with labs.

    My advice would be to suck it up and take all of your required pre-requisites and kick *** in them. Use your existing knowledge base to your advantage.
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  5. by   bloody_trauma
    Yeah from what I'm seeing, I don't see see any adn programs here and the LPN to rn bridge programs require you to have an run license... FML, might have to roll with exelsior