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I am considering taking Microbiology online this summer through Chicago City Colleges. I am currently a first year Nursing student at Truman and really do not want to go to class 4 days a week over... Read More

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    take the microbiology online course at ocean county college and you will love it! i am taking it now and it is the best course i have ever taken. i can't say enough good about it.

    you can actually sign up for their summer first five week which starts in mid may and ends in late june. you can get it out of the way and have the rest of your summer off. my class is filled with students taking it from other schools all over the united states.

    here is the website for the microbiology online course:

    here is the website to register:

    jersey nursing girl
    jersey nursing girl - i am very interested in the online micro class at ocean county college. i am beginning a nursing program in the fall and need to take micro this summer and not quit my full time job. i just applied online and i am working on getting them the rest of my requirements to enroll in it. can you please tell me a little more about the time commitment and about how easy (or hard) it was to do the labs at home. any advice or info that you could offer would be amazing.

    thank you!!!