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Microbiology is my next exam as I await my evaluation from Excelsior. For those who have taken it, what did you use to study for the exam? What worked? (What didn't?) How long did it take? I have the doorstop, I mean,... Read More

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    I used Micro Demystified and Micro Cliff Notes. I bought them from Amazon.com for pretty cheap and got a B. Good Luck!

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    I am also using Micro Demystified and EC's micro book i plan to test 1/3/11.
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    I know you took this class last year. could you please give me some ideasm, what to do and what not to do. I will sign up for the class next week, since I had to save the money to pay for it at the beg. of the class. Did you use the book a lot, or notes from the prof.?? Please give me some ideas. thanks . lisboa here
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    I used Demystified and the EC practice Exams. I passed with a B.
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    I used, various methods.

    ebook: Microbiology Demysitified.
    book: Cliff QuickReview Microbiology
    audio: VangoNotes for Microbiology

    Got an A.
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    Hi I am taking the microbiology course at BYU and rushing to finish before pharmacy school....what was the first test like? was it tricky?
    My email is eewade@vcu.edu

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