Looking for an online Micro class

  1. I want to fine a good online Micro class with a lab. I am in a student in a local community college in Iowa. With very limited Micro classes around, I would like to find an online one. Can anyone suggest some to me please?
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  3. by   Sand_Dollar
    I'm going to be taking mine through ccconline.org
  4. by   Jersey Nursing Girl
    hey natalio,

    i am just finishing the microbiology online course at ocean county college (toms river, nj) and i have had a wonderful experience. the professor really puts a clinical focus on micro and goes over all of the organisms we will see in the hospital.

    there is a summer first five week may 18, 2009 - june 23, 2009 with six seats left. the summer second five week, june 24, 2009 - july 28, 2009 just closed and i don't know if they will open another. here is the website for the biol 232 microbiology dl course:

    they have a lab included that is a lot of fun. i really enjoyed learning how to become an expert using the microscope. the course is accepted by nearly all nursing programs. everybody loves the fact that they can get the whole thing out of the way in late spring and have the summer off.

    you can contact the registration and records office at 732 255-0304. you need to make sure that you tell them you are from out-of-state. be prepared to pay for the course when you register.

    i agree with sand dollar, i have heard good things about ccconline also but i can tell you first hand that the course is outstanding at occ. i am pretty confident i have an "a" but i did work hard for it. i have taken several online courses but this by far was the best!

    if you take it, you will not be sorry!

    jersey nursing girl
  5. by   Sand_Dollar
    Jersy - I'm taking Micro at ccconline this summer, I wish I could try a class or two out at OCC just to compare. They both seem to be good schools. Its nice to finally have some options in education!