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Life Span 1

  1. 0 Hello,

    Can someone tell me how many questions are on this exam? Also did the exam cover one area more heavily than another?
    I am scheduled to take it on June 29th!!

    Thank you
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    Page 2 of the exam content guide states that there are "approximately 130" questions on this one. Page 8 provides a percentage breakdown by content for the exam. Be sure to use the free exam content guides wisely!! And good luck on your exam.
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    You can also call the school to see if they will give you a more definitive answer, but about 130 is never too far off. Enough questions, if worded properly, to give you a resounding headache once finished! Good luck.
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    There are 130 questions and 33% Cardio problems, 33% Resp problems, and 34% Abnorm Cellular Growth. The study content guide gives you all the information needed for exam. I will be taking this exam in July.