ISU Transfer Credit Update

  1. Ok - first off, thanks for all the info lately regarding transfer coursework that may be applicable to ISU and the LPN-BSN program. I have been in contact with ISU over the past few days regarding transfer credits to meet the GE requirements. I finally got an email from the transfer guru, he was great at answering all my questions.

    1. ACE recommened Courses - if ACE recommends it, they will take it if it meets a requirement.....example. Straighterline has English 101 and English 102 (College Comp I & II). ISU accepts this on an ACE transcript and grants credit as ENG 101 and ENG 105.
    Same thing with Straighterline General Chem I with Lab, they will accept it on an ACE transcript. I had already had my College Algebra transcribed on a Fort HAyes transcript, so I knew they would take it already, but they will take it on ACE also.

    2. CALCAMPUS - they will also take coursework completed thru this group as long as its the New Hampshire group. Apparently there are two places calling themselves CALCAMPUS.

    I thought I would share with you guys because there is not alot of info out there on ISU lately as far as transfers, which I know is state specific, but Straighterline seems like its a good alternative for those wanting to get a jump start on their transfer credits. I am currently finishing up ENG 101, just 3 more papers to write and I have been very happy with them and you can't beat the costs.
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  3. by   dkhrbh
    That's great. I signed up for English Comp 2 today thorugh Staighterline. Just waiting to get an email from the course advisor with my sign in info. How has Eng Comp 1 been for you so far? I haven't taken English in a long time. I took Eng Comp 1 about 14 years ago. Hoping I can get the hang of it. After this I will be taking Chem 1 w/lab. And hopefully by then the A&P will be available.
  4. by   Nervous1
    The quizzes are pretty easy so far, mostly worth 5-30 points each. Writing work is 21 points each. I finished my last 4 quizzes today but I doing the writing assignments now. I did two of them today and sent in for review. I think I have 3 left. I've already added Eng II but I have not looked at it yet, just want to finish up I. I may go ahead and add Chemistry tomorrow so that if I get in the mood to really work this weekend, I can get started. I found a place to rent the Chem textbook for 48.00 for 130 days. The book costs about 120 on amazon right now. Renting is much better I think. I would love your input on ENG II. I finished College Algebra is about a week, this is week 2 on English Comp I and I should be done in a day or two.
  5. by   dkhrbh
    Yeah I looked @ Amazon for the Chem book & wasn't ready to pay that much for a book. Send me a PM about were to rent the Chem book if you don't mind. I got the book for English Comp 2 from for $2 + shipping. I hope I can get access today so that I can get started. Maybe in a few weeks I can add Chem. I'll let you know how Comp 2 goes.
  6. by   lvnibclc
    thank you so much for this info!!
  7. by   wigglesgogo
    For Straighterline Chemistry did you have to buy the lab set? I wanted to know before I spent the $99.

  8. by   Nervous1
    I don't know if this is old or new, but yes, I did have to buy the lab set in order to do the labs. I just donated my kit to Goodwill, I should have asked if anyone needed it first
  9. by   JanaHerrickSussex
    I'm an RN and need to take some required gen ed classes just to get into the BSN program.
    Is it hard to get credits transcribed after taking from Straighterline?
    Also, anyone have any trouble taking courses online? ANy tips for me??

    What's difference taking "professor" or Etextbook for college algebra?

    IS the Intro to Statistics ok to take for BSN degree...w
  10. by   JanaHerrickSussex
    SO you took chem I and II online and bought the lab kit? HOw was it...super hard?? HOw long did it take?