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International nursing degree to BSN

  1. 1 Hello everyone,
    I'm a nurse from Germany, will sit for my NCLEX-RN in June in the state of CA. Nursing school in Germany is 3 years and I've taking a couple classes (English, Med Term, Psych, Biology) at a community college here. I was wondering which College/University I should chose to complete my requirements towards my BSN. And who could I talk to what kind of classes I still need? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
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    My understanding is if you have a BSN from your country it's worth the same here, check with your state BON. A few of the Philippine nurses that I work with said that's how it's done...
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    If you are going to sit for the NCLEX-RN in June in the state of CA, it means that your Nursing degree from Germany was evaluated and accepted...right ? Once you take and pass the NCLEX, you will be an RN. If your degree from Germany is considered an Associate Degree here... you should consider enter a program RN to BSN ( to obtain your Bachelor).. Now if your degree from Germany is considered here in the US a Bachelor..You are done !! . I hope it helps you !!! Good Luck in your Exam !!!
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    Thank you! Nursing school is 3 years, so it's right in the middle between an associates and a bachelors. We don't have those kind of degrees. I started talking to someone from the University of Phoenix and they'll evaluate the credentials I have. Hoping that I can save at least some time and finish my BSN within a year!