i am requesting everyones advice again i am requesting everyones advice again | allnurses

i am requesting everyones advice again

  1. 0 Ok. I am scheduled to take Chronicity Dec 5, 2009. One of two of my last test. I took practice test a. I made a 67%. I took practice test b after studying. I made 67%. I have studied content guide, college network 3 book, and studygroup 101. Any advice. My nerves are shot.
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    Well whenever I took the practice exams, I always got in the 60's, except for Lifespan 2 was in the 50's (got an A on the test). I got A's and B's on all my tests. I took the practice exams 2 days before my test and then would just study the practice exam both right and wrong answers. If you confident you know the information then I would just take the test.
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    Hi, I will be taken it on Dec 5th too, Just remember it's 160 questions not 130. I am using EC textbooks and Yahoo groups. If you can register with them, couple of the groups they have a lot of files with notes and practice tests. Good luck to both of us.
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    Take it. You will be fine.
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    yeah take it. your practice exam scores is in the c or b range. just come in confident and you should do fine!!

    good luck!