Hoping I didn't fail FCCA - page 3

Well, I sent back my package in the nick of time. It will be there one day before the due date. I just hope I did everything. I felt like I was repeating myself throughout that whole exam. Well,... Read More

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    I was thinking of putting in for the queens sit but i'm alittle nervous because I can't find anyone that's taken it there-I want to hear how it is before I go there!
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    there is a journal on EPN on EC from Tina Lucky i think her name is, she tested there a couple months ago , very detailed. check it out
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    I keep trying to go on EPN...can't figure it out. Help?!
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    Quote from lisashee
    I keep trying to go on EPN...can't figure it out. Help?!
    Go here: https://www.excelsior.edu/Excelsior_...cussion_Boards

    You'll have to log in. Then click on "Nursing Discussion Boards." Then you should be to the EPN. I typically click on "discussion" on the left side to show all the boards on the right. Or, you can click on "Associate Degree Level Nursing," then "Clinical Performance in Nursing Examination - CPNE" to get to the CPNE discussion board and the CPNE journal board. Let me know if that works!
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    Fingers crossed!
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    thanks LunahRn...I found it from that link

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