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    I recently found out that I have been accepted into Gonzaga's online FNP program. I was wondering if there are any of you that are going through the program or have completed the program and can give me some insight into the degree of difficulty, format, and any other words of wisdom. Is there a part time or full time option with the program? I just had a baby 3 months ago and this acceptance was kind of out of the blue when the admission board contacted me to see if I wanted an application I had submitted a year ago to be considered for admission. Any information you can give on the program would be great
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  3. by   msmega001
    I have been in this program since 2010 and have not had any issues. Coursework is completed through Blackboard, where a lot of the work is discussion boards and papers. Since the program is considered "writing intense", there are a lot of paper submissions, esp when you reach the 500 level courses (MSN part). There is one clinical to complete in the bridge portion and that is community health, which you have to find your own preceptor and complete the assigned number of hours (which I cannot remember, but it is not a crazy amt & was not difficult). Each semester has an A and B portion, that are each 8 weeks long. Due to this, you are considered FT even if you only take 2 classes/semester (which is good for financial aid reasons). Once you are finished the 400 & 500 level courses, you have 7, 600 level courses. Of those, 4 of the classes have mandatory on campus workshops, where you have to actually go on campus in WA. From what I hear, it is two weekends per semester x 4 (8 total). I have to start next summer, so I am not sure about advice from that point; although, I have not heard many negative things. I have to admit, overall, it has been flexible for me. Good luck whatever you choose!
  4. by   Onc_NP
    Hi bspell,
    Are you starting the RN to MSN program this Fall? I will be starting in that program in Sept. so maybe we will "see" eachother in class. I am excited to get started but nervous. I work 30 hours a week and have 2 young children. Thanks for sharing your insight into the program msmega001. It's been hard to find information about Gonzaga's RN to MSN for FNP program on AN. Good luck to you both!
  5. by   fishii
    Hello, all! Just applied to Gonzaga's FNP. Just want to get some feedback and experience with the program so far. Would like to hear from all of you: bspell, msmega001 and RN2bNP
  6. by   luv'nsunshine
    Hello! I too would like feedback on the program. Please share experiences on finding precepters. Was it difficult? Thanks.

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