Getting a hold of the MPAC by phone?

  1. Hi.........anxiously waiting a CPNE date so I can formulate a plan. My application was accepted on November 3rd and I know it takes some time. But, I keep reading posts from people that called the actual RPAC. Every time I call the MPAC, I get "all circuits busy." Over and over and over again. I've tried various times, various days. Always the same result!!

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm thinking about adding on the NPAC as well, but am very nervous about winter traveling. I'm already anxious enough about this test, let alone driving in a blizzard!!
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    I'll PM you -- I have another number.
  4. by   2BanRNsoon
    You may wish to check out Rob's CPNE website. His resource materials for this grueling exam are excellent and right on the money!
  5. by   erinp88
    I received an email from the MPAC with an update on their waiting list. It was not good news! They are currently scheduling accepted applications from mid-September. Those students are receiving dates 5-8 months from their accepted date! Yuck! I heard it was down to 3-4 months, guess not! I will be adding the NPAC tomorrow!!
  6. by   Up2nogood RN
    I switched to NPAC (after waiting a month for MPAC, I was impatient) and I called the next day just to see if my app went through and she gave me a list of dates/ hosp to choose from. Now I don't think it happens this way all the time but I must have called at JUST the perfect time.

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