Frontier Nursing University Class 134 applicants

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    Any one applying for class 134 FNP at Frontier Nursing university
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    I was planning on it but it looks they closed the application early. I am just gathering my packet and was planning on getting it in next week. It looks like I will be applying for Class 135 instead.
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    I was planning on applying for class 134 as well but it seems that they have closed the application pool. I guess I will be applying for class 136 with you esusan. At least it is only a month difference.
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    CHaysRN12, I applied to 136 FNP as well! Hope to meet you there in March. I'd love to keep each other posted if we hear anything. I know 2 people in programs there, actually one starts tomorrow. I've heard many great things, and it is my #1 choice for programs.
    Best Wishes to you!
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    Good luck everyone. i am applying to class 137.
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    I moved my application to Class 136 from Class 131 after getting waitlisted and not accepted. Fingers Crossed.
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    I just wanted to let anyone who applied to Class 134 that I received an email of acceptance a few minutes ago!
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    I also got accepted to class 134! Frontier bound here we come! There is a facebook group for our class. There's only 2-3 of us on it right now. It'll be nice to connect with others in our class! You can search for Frontier Nursing University class 134. Let me know if you have issues finding it!
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    I applied for class 136 as well. Congratulations to everyone who was accepted into class 134!
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