Free RN to BSN Applications/ Transcript Reviews

  1. To anyone looking for an online RN to BSN program I thought this thread might be useful. My money is pretty special to me these days so I wanted to share what I have found. Since most programs want you to apply (pay) and send transcripts (pay some more) before they let you know where you stand credit wise I thought it would be good to share programs that have free applications, app fee waivers, and/or free transcript retrieval/review. More info can be found on their sites. This is not a thread about which program is better/worse so no hijacking please. Please share any others that you guys know of.

    Grand Canyon University-upload unofficial transcripts and they will contact you with a degree plan.

    Colorado Christian University-Currently waiving RN to BSN program app fee.

    Oklahoma Wesleyan - No app fee and they will pay to order your transcripts.

    Jacksonville University-No app fee and they will pay to order your transcripts.
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  3. by   featherzRN
    If you need a fee waiver to WGU, any current or former student can give you one. Also excelsior is waiving admission fees for former graduates seeking another degree.
  4. by   Conqueror+
    Grand Canyon U will also send you a link for a free application and pay for your transcripts