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FCCA question?

  1. 0 I searched the Excelsior website, and I can't find any useful info. for the FCCA. Were is the study guide content? What do I study for this?

    Thanks, Lisa
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    It's not something that has a study guide. It is more of a critical thinking test where you have to decide what you would do and what you would think about as a RN.
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    Kinda sounds like state board questions. how do you prepare for it though? NCLEX book is what comes to mind.
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    There is no multiple choice questions, just strictly critial thinking short answer. You have to know delagation of healthcare workers. You have to write careplans. There is discharge planning, analyzing data and addressing clients needs. I think the FCCA is something that would be easier after the CPNE. I did mine after the CPNE and it took me a good day to complete it. Otherwise it takes sometime to finish because your in a daze trying to figure out what they want. Good Luck! Thats all I can say about it.
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    NC girl rn is exactly rt! I just completed it this am after 6 days of trying to figure out what it is they are looking for. I used the fundamentals and med-surg books to look up info regarding the particular diagnosis I was working with. Critical thinking is really what this exam is all about.

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    Godd luck!