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OMG.....did u all get the letter? EC just mailed out letters stating their new fees for eff 7/1. Funny, they only gave 2 days would think they would give students a least a month's notice in order to plan... Read More

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    Did anyone get a notice from excelsior by mail or email of the increase? What a shame. Everything is going up except the salaries. I barely have enough to pay my bills and now this.
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    I got a letter in the mail the other day. I agree, no increase in salaries, but an increase in everything else. And it really stinks when you're paying out of pocket!
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    Excelsior's tuition and fees go up every July, like clockwork. I have to give them credit -- this is the first time since I started looking at them in 2006 that I've seen them raise enrollment, the annual fee, or the practice exams (I think ... or maybe the practice exams were $60 at one point, not sure). In any case, just make it your goal to finish before the next cost hike in July 2012.