Didn't Get to Take NC 6.....

  1. .....or any of my CLEPs last week for that matter.

    Soooo, much is going on.

    A family member had stroke AND heart attack on the same day, and fam feels the need to watch round the clock, b/c the staff is not the brightest, and the nocties are a little lazy. I know that may be odd to hear from a fellow ANer, but really.

    My OB, put me on pelvic rest (OMG), and modified bedrest for the foreseeable future. Did I mention that I am still in my FIRST TRIMESTER. She also said to avoid all stress. LOL, that's really going to happen; I'm more stressed just thinking about it.

    And last but not least I'm on my new cooking on the cheap kick, so I should be on my way to the grocery store, so I am about to drive to the grocery store, which I have been forbidden to do.

    I'll check in later, I guess.
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  3. by   calliesue
    Man , You have a lot on your plate. Take care of yourself.