Confused! LPN needing educational help!

  1. Hello. I am located in Virginia. I just graduated with my LPN from a local community college. I did super in the class & was enrolled this fall to bridge to my RN. The week of graduation, however, I gave birth to our 6th & final child. The 1st week of nursing I was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy postpartum & had to take a sabatical & sit for a bit to see how I was going to progress. My LVEF at the time was 30% & it is now back to normal praise God. Dropping my fall semester hurt me financially in a HUGE way because my husband is also disabled & the only way we make it from one semester to the next is with my pell grant, scholarships & Stafford loan.

    I am now able to enroll in college but the semester is closed to enrollment. I am wanting to start asap into a semester through an online college but I desperately need to be able to use Pell grant, Stafford & I can even carry my scholarships with me praise God. I do not want to pay $384.00 per credit hour or else I'll eat up all of my funds the 1st semester. I also don't have a ton of money to buy a ton of supplies out of pocket if I don't have to.

    I would covet & appreciate any suggestions you might have as to what colleges I can get into right now for the most affordable prices. I would like to be able to start as soon as next week.
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    Unfortunately Excelsior College's degree is not accepted for direct licensure in Virginia at this time; graduates must work as an RN for 960 hours outside of Virginia before they will be granted licensure by endorsement (

    You might look into Indiana State's LPN-BSN program (; however they have some pre-reqs that I believe you need to complete before you can be admitted to the program.

    Those are really the only two online programs I'm aware of, not sure either will work for you. Good luck.
  4. by   evajessee
    How interesting that you would respond! I am an Army veteran! I have looked at Indiana State simply because Excelsior is soooo expensive & doesn't allow me to use financial aid. I am going to be applying to go there this upcoming Spring. I was just hoping that I could find an 8 or 10 wk class to knock out a few pre-req's. I think I may have found something though. Rio Salado in Arizona. I've seen a few post on them & it's not bad per semester hour & I can start as soon as they get my financial aid set up.
  5. by   Pixie.RN
    Excelsior is very affordable, actually - not sure where you're getting your info...
  6. by   alleytanner
    Do any of you know any schools in the Nashville/Clarksville TN area where I could go to school to get my LPN license? I have been looking but cant seem to find anything. Preferably night classes bc I work all day. PLEASE HELP!
  7. by   JohnMedic
    Excelsior is quite affordable. I think you are looking at the per credit hour cost of their regular courses. The LPN-RN Program is based on a series of tests that cost about $275 each and are equal to 3 credit hours. However if you are in Virginia and relying on grants and loans, which can't be used for this program, it can be tough.